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Internal Controls

Internal Controls

Who or what is in control of your business? Can you see the horizon? Do the controls allow you to see impending danger? Do you crash and then look for the warning signs that you missed that could have prevented that crash? How do your internal controls in your...

Business Structures

Business Structures You have been in lockdown for the better part of 2020 so far and you have been laid off with not much money left in your emergency fund. What you do have is much time to think and think again. You just received this illuminating idea for a small...


Hold Tightly

Hold Tightly: Developing Courage | Perseverance | Grit

This eBook relates Susanne’s life story, a story of how she broke through the bars of poverty with remarkable courage and grit. She persevered through challenging times, putting herself through college and university, while building a rewarding career of her choosing. As a qualified and licensed Certified Public Accountant, and an entrepreneur, Susanne now passionately desires to share her story with you, so you too can leap over obstacles along your life’s journey and win.  To learn more about Susanne’s story, download her eBook NOW.

Stand Firm by Susanne Henry

Stand Firm in the Hour of Change

My call is to every champion, realized or unrealized, to serve, and serve in such a way that we leave an indelible mark on our families, our communities, our nations, and our world. We must now suit up or shut up, and we cannot afford to do the latter. This unprecedented change from the global pandemic and systemic racism demands that we be ready and never again be found unsuited for the battle of champions. We must stand firm, fully suited up, fully armored, ready to take charge of every open door, every new opportunity that presents itself.